As part of Agrocaribe commitment and responsibility with the environment and the communities, it has strived to reach the highest standards in the industry and has been the recipient of the global certification of the following organizations:



Agrocaribe is the first palm oil company in Central America and the fourth in the world to obtain the RSPO certification -Identity Preserved-.

RSPO aims to transform markets to make sustainable palm oil the norm, by:

Developing, implementing, verifying, assuring and periodically reviewing credible global standards for the entire supply chain of sustainable palm oil;
Engaging and committing all stakeholders throughout the supply chain, including governments and consumers;
Advancing the production, procurement, finance and use of sustainable palm oil products;
Monitoring and evaluating the economic, environmental and social impacts of the uptake of sustainable palm oil in the market.

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AGROCARIBE is the first palm oil company in the world to be RAINFOREST ALLIANCE certified for being friendly with the environment, communities and its workers.

To certify the farms with Rainforest Alliance, 100 criteria are used by the RAS covering continuous improvement on social, environmental and economic issues to ensure and adopt the concept of sustainable agriculture.




Extractora del Atlántico, S.A. is the first palm oil plant certified BASC worldwide.

Extractora del Atlántico gives its customers confidence in the production logistic and delivery chain and guarantees the quality with which the palm oil extraction process is performed.



Extractora La Francia and Extractora del Atlantico are certified and are approved to produce the products Palm Oil and Crude Palm Kernel Oil , which guarantees that there are no animal origin products in the oil process, such as milk or its by-products, alcohol, wine, beer, chocolates, fruit juices and other by-products.





Agrocaribe obtained the authorization for a Biogas Energy Proyect from Palm Oil Mill Effluent, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Guatemala and under the Kyoto Protocol of the United Nations.