Extractora del Atlántico, S.A.



Extractora del Atlántico S.A. began operations in 2003 and is part of the Agrocaribe Group. It is located in the northeast of Guatemala and has an installed capacity to process the oil palm fruit and extract crude palm oil, crude palm kernel oil, palm kernel cake and its by-products.  

Extractora del Atlántico is the first oil palm extracting plant in the world to be BASC certified for complying with strict safety standards and has a clean energy project.


  • The production capacity of the plant is over 55 MT/hour of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and Crude Kernel Oil (K).  
  • The fruit is processed with standard practices in order to achieve utmost efficiency in its production. At the same time the standards published by FEDEPALMA in Colombia, are applied. FEDEPALMA is an organization recognized at the global, regional and national level, due to its impact on competitiveness and social and environmental sustainability in the palm sector.  
  • Extractora del Atlántico makes adequate analysis in which it applies the American Oil Chemical Society (AOCS) methods, entity which publishes the standard methods of analysis for companies interested in the science and technology of oil, fats and other related materials.